VIPL Support & Services

VIPL specializes in end-to-end solutions integration and capable of offering services from presale services for project planning to maintenance and support after actual implementation phase. Our expertise in the design, integration and management of communications infrastructure makes us a preferred partner for businesses - ranging from Contact Centers and Enterprises to Government and Service Providers.

The VIPL Services include:
  • Presales Services for project planning and preparation
  • Project execution and Implementation of standard and custom-tailored solutions
  • Maintenance and support - far beyond the actual implementation phase
Presales Services

We take a completely non-proprietary approach to the development of the best solution for the customer. Our primary design interest is to understand the goals of the project along with the customer’s vision and timeline to accomplish it. Once properly defined this “Design Criteria” is used as the foundation for the system solution.

Project Execution and Implementation

VIPL provides you with all the components necessary for a solution's development life cycle. First, we help you gather information on your requirements. Following which, our seamless procurement process combined with expert logistics management ensures the flow of goods and materials to the right place, at the right price and time. VIPL integrates and deploys technology solutions into your organization's existing IT and business processes with minimal disruption and risk. By managing project risk effectively, we add value to your IT deployments, ensuring each and every project is implemented on-time and in-budget.

Maintenance and Support

Our comprehensive support services ensure that your technology is running efficiently and effectively, so as to maximize the Return on Investment of your IT deployments, optimize asset utilization and lengthen the useful life cycle of technology solutions.

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